hello lovely people! as a huge concert lover i wanted to give you all some tips and tricks that might help you if you're new to concerts!

— tickets

it depends on the concert you want to go to of course, when it comes to more famous people you should definetely buy your tickets in presale/ whenever the tickets go on sale. might seem crazy for some people but it also helps to maybe use more than one laptop and you could also ask your friends and family to help you get tickets (for huge artists like shawn mendes, harry styles etc.). if the artist isn't that famous you can usually take your time as the tickets probably won't be sold out fast. i'd recommend you to keep updated via social media (twitter, instagram) so you always know about upcoming tours.

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— queue

if you want to be close to the stage you'll often have to queue for some hours, again depends on the artist/band. here's a list of things you should bring with you:

  • phone + portable charger
  • snacks
  • ticket (obviously) + ID
  • money for food + merch
  • blanket + jacket/ hoodie (depends on the weather)
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always look up if the venue has rules regarding the size of your bag because some venues won't let you in with a bigger bag!

it's always good to come with a friend but don't worry if you have no one to go with! most people are really sweet and you can make new friends in queues, i met some of my best friends at concerts!

also: i cannot tell you how important it is to keep hydrated. be sure to drink and eat enough before the concert because many people (like me) feel very ill or faint otherwise and that really just ruins the whole experience

— outfit

we all want to look good at a concert but you should always go with something comfortable. at the concert we all just want to enjoy ourselves, dance and jump around which isn't easy in clothes you're not comfortable in, so keep that in mind!

thank you so much for reading, i hope these tips helped you and that you have the time of your life at your concert! ♥

have a great day!
love, mel ♡