We were all friends at one point in time.
Nothing could have separated us.
No matter how bad the arguments where we stayed close.
Even though our friendship was super close I kept a secret from you guys, a secret that Ruined the sisterhood, a secret that made us grow a part.
If I would’ve just told the truth before it got worse our sisterhood would’ve gotten stronger.
I had my own demons That we’re rotting my insides and at the time I couldn’t explain even though I told you guys everything I couldn’t find the words to express what was going on with me.
By me trying to“handle” my demons I hurt Some really good people. I’ve apologized multiple times but each time I tried so hard to make it genuine but it wasn’t because I still couldn’t explain why I did what I did.
So here it goes the reason why I was jealous because you guys were so pretty and I want it to be just like you guys and at the time I had really bad insecurities like I didn’t think I was pretty at all it took me to go to college to finally realize that I was beautiful and yes it’s a stupid reason for what I did but that’s the truth I felt intimidated by you guys because y’all were so beautiful inside and out and I want to be just like y’all.
It took a lot of counseling to figure that out because i still couldn’t put it together, and now I can say I’m sorry genuinely because I know why I hurt you guys, I know it’s too late for that but it’s not for you guys anymore.
I’m not apologizing for you guys anymore I’m apologizing for myself because I keep beating myself up day by day by day for what I did to you guys. It’s time that I say goodbye to this Mistake because at the end of the day I’m human and humans do stupid things every day so I’m so sorry ,I’m so sorry And I do hope that you guys are living your best life and are popping with all that melanin.

I’ve grown since what happened and I’m a different person now and I’m proud of the person I am now because I’ve grown the fuck up and I pushed all my childish ways behind me and I’m not looking back no more so I’m moving forward and it just feels so good for me to say this I’m genuinely sorry and I want myself to know that so I can move on.