1.cookies or cake? Cookies
2.cat or dog? Cat
3.pop music or rock music? Pop
4. pancakes or waffles? pancakes
5. hot chocolate or coffee? coffee
6. morning or evening? evening
7. text or call? text
8. French or Spanish? Spanish(even though I cant speak a word of it)
9. book or movie? book
10. coke or pepsi? coke
11. rain or snow? snow
12. car or motorcycle? motorcycle although id be too scared to ride one.
13. comedy or horror? horror
14. hamburgers or hot dogs? hamburgers
15. painting or drawing? drawing
16. reading or writing? reading
17. singing or dancing? dancing
18. t-shirts or hoodies? hoodies
19. doctor who or walking dead? walking dead ( I have only seen like one episode of each sooooo)
20. gold or silver? silver
21. 50s music or 80s music? 80s music
22. blue or green eyes? I prefer green eyes but have blue
23. fire or ice? fire
24. roses or daisies? roses
25. freedom or hope? freedom

thanks for reading x