I feel strongly about awareness of invisible illness. Few people in my life know this, but I have two, probably owing to the fact that they're invisible so there's rarely a time where I actually appear ill.

I'm talking both mental and physical illness, because they are both equally valid in my eyes. I think often there is a lack of understanding when it comes to invisible illnesses due to the fact that considering one may not physically appear unwell, others cannot understand why they occasionally disappear for weeks-months at a time and even end up in hospital.

People need to be aware of these illnesses and acknowledge that they exist and can be just as impairing and a struggle as any other illness. People who are struggling with them also need to know that they are valid and important to this world, and are also not alone in what they are going through. I'm still attempting to accept this part of my life, myself, despite having been faced with it for quite a while now.