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It has been 6 years since they have debuted.

I remember when I first entered the fandom and I was stunned by their performances. Never have I believed that I would be able to stay with them for such a long time. Once I got more into them, I didn't want to let go of them. They became my family, older brothers. Brothers that I could help me smile when I was under the weather.

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From MAMA to now Power they will never disappoint.

They have been through many ups and downs since they have debuted. The big one would be the loss of 3 members. Yes, we were all heartbroken, but what about them? They had to lose 3 brothers and move on the next day. In their hearts thier hearts a scar is left. But through that scar and loss, they have become stronger. From that first time they yelled out 'WE ARE ONE" on thier first stage to now they have stood together, stronger than ever.

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They have accomplished so much that its getting harder to keep track.

Many Albums.
Many Performances.
Many Concerts.
Many Awards.
It is getting harder to count all of them.
But it is always a pleasure to see them smile for the hard work they have done.

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Seeing them laugh and smile is the best part of being an EXO-L.

Their goofiness always makes us smile. In the end, they will always be our family. No matter ow old they are or how far away they are. They will forever be in our hearts for eternity.

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The group that saved us.

Thank you for everything you have done.