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This amazing soul and hearter created this very cool challenge. This challenge is called #byheartchallenge. Here are her information, in that way you can check out her creations.


☽ By heart I am..

|| a two a.m dreamer or a sound sleeper

I am definitely a two a.m dreamer. I am my most productive at night. All my brilliant thoughts come to me in the middle of the night. Through the week I’ve got to be responsible, meaning I go to sleep at a more reasonable hour. But when I can I stay up, until I drift off to sleep with my thought in the background.

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|| reckless or reliable

I am a very reliable person. I am organized, responsible, I like things a certain way. What I expect from others is the same way I act with myself and others.

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|| a garden grower or a forest explorer

Definitely a forest explorer, I’ve never grown something of my own. Forest explorer reminds me of one of my favorite movies, which is twilight. “Bella being lost in the forest, wandering around”.

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|| a newspaper or a colouring book

I will have to choose a newspaper, the reason being I truly love knowledge. Also newspapers reminds me of a early morning in Paris in bed after a passionate night of live making.

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|| the astronaut or the moonchild

Mm, I choose the moonchild. Because I look up to people who are at peace. Intelligent. Love. Integrity. Emotion.

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|| young at heart or an old soul

Old soul, I have a true craving for older centuries. I love old fashioned romance mixed with a little bit of modern day open mindedness. The fashion. I also am intelligent beyond my years compare to many.

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|| a romantic or an ocean

Definitely a romantic. I love the idea of romance. Ironically enough I do not like watching romance movies, but just the aesthetic and idea of it. Passion, commitment and intimacy.

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|| the artist or the muse

I think I’d be the artist, I like creating stuff. I think I have a knack for aesthetic. I like pieces of different aesthetic, together I create something. Also I like being the bts.

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☽ By heart I love or choose..

|| sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise

Sleeping beneath the stars for sure, cause I get sea sick. The universe also intrigues me. It is so fascinating how beautiful the universe is. The romance and intellectual part plays a part in this answer. “Laying beneath the stars with your soulmate talking about life”.

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|| flying to the moon or swimming to Atlantis

Swimming to the Atlantic, it just shows the Caribbean girl in me. Water is truly beautiful. But I also love space and want to explore it._

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|| Polaroid pictures or handwritten letters

I’d have to choose handwritten letters, just because I love writing and reading. The way I express myself is through writing.

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|| barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in Paris

EXPLORING THE ROOFTOPS IN PARIS, can you guess why? Yep, it’s just romantic, running around the city at night with your significant other.

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|| summer nights or city lights

Summer nights. Sitting at a bonfire, with blankets and s’mores, in your bikini. Skinny dipping. Fall asleep into each other’s arms, with the waves crashing against the shore. Waking up on the beach with the sunrise and the sound of waves.

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|| painting or poems

Poems, since I express my emotions through writing. I also like reading poems, a lot of context in a couple of sentences. They’re always beautiful.

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|| rainy days or stormy nights

I choose rainy days, since I am a deep sleeper and sleep straight through stormy nights. But if I am awake during a stormy night, I choose stormy nights. It’s dark and stormy, love.

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|| vintage postcards or antique telescopes

Being able to look into space, or treasure old times? It’s hard. Look into space, since I can experience that wauw feeling exactly at that moment. Looking back and just wishing? Mm.

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|| constellations or conversations

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Conversations beneath constellations.

|| déjà vu or nostalgia

Déjà vu, since nostalgia just makes me sad since I can’t go back to that time and feel that feeling again. But the weird part is that I only realize the feeling I had through the nostalgia.

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