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Step 1: Take this time to explore by yourself, try going on adventures. This can be simple as walks or sitting in your bed flowing with your thoughts from your head. These moments are precious as they give you insight to your inner self. It may come off as being isolated but taking time for you with you is literally the best thing to open yourself to. Bubble baths with tea and other luxories ( it can get really tiring if you have too hot of water ) , destresses your mind and body. Treat yourself to gifts and dates travel.

Step 2:*
Create loving healthy friendships that will last a life time. Learn your group of friends or one friend on a deeper level.
Growing relationships with your friends that are healthy , begins a healthy relationship with your partner when you begin dating. If you can keep a healthy bond with your friend chances are you can with your lover. Try exploring inside and outside with your friends , you create memories that go down for a lifetime .

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Step 3: Work on a new hobby you want to pick up. For instance , I really enjoy social media and selling products. So I started plumlovess as my outlet , since I’ve began this journey I’ve helped grow two brands and on the way to 3. I’ve learned more about marketing and social media fame then sitting and watching others grow. I’ve expanded my knowledge on coding and editing , which the coding field needs a lot more women especially of color. This time to learn this hobby may even turn into a career. If you’re not sure what hobbies to dip into I’ll create a master list for next week to explore .
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Step 4: Stop worrying about how others see you. Once you start loving yourself and not doing things to fit in with society’s standards life flows a bit easier. You have to believe you’re beautiful inside and out. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions either stay vocal .
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Step 5: Keep in mind there will be rough days along with good ones. You will have moments you feel you need someone. If you’re going into a relationship based off of urge don’t do it. Let it come natural , take everything one day at a time and life will go better !
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It seems like lately a lot of people feel the only way they can be happy is with a relationship. Lets be real if you dont love yourself and learn yourself the idea of a relationship , and or being in one will not last. So i have been taking the last 2 years of my life to discover myself and love myself. While some of you may think this is a long time , it honestly has been the most amazing time. I have grown to know and learn my wants and needs. Im not saying you can not do this in a realtionship , but the balance of what ive been trying to do and a relationship is not working out for the best. Im now at the stage of my life where i have a fear of letting go of just being in love with myself and sharing that idea of love with someone else. It may be due to the fact I consider myself selfish.