-Favorite Song.
There's is not, it doesn´t exist. I love the music.

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-Song you hate.
I think some in Spanish :v that speak dirty of women

-Song that makes you sad.
history, little things, if i could fly and home. And my laurasad playlist.

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-Song that reminds you of someone
Aerosmith I don't wanna miss a thing

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-Song that makes you happy
Better than words one direction xD

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-Song that reminds you of a specific moment.
Shades on of The Vamps. It was the song that I learned when I met them with my best friend xD <3

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-Song that you know perfectly.
all of my favorite singers <3 and some old in Spanish :')

-Song that makes you dance at the moment.
I dance anything like xD so

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-Song that makes you sleep
From the dinning table Harry Styles

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-Song you love secretly
some of kpop :v

-Song that you loved and now you hate.
Almost always end up being the ones that I listen to first and then they are anywhere :v like Perfect of Ed

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-Song that you know how to play with an instrument.
I should first learn to play an instrument ahre but if I could it would be One of Ed

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-Song that you have sung or you like to sing in public.
Everybody tell me that I spend it singing xD then they are the songs that I love, now Want you back of 5SOS

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-Song that you like to drive.
I can't drive :c but for my way I like My my my Troye Sivan /u/

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-Song of your childhood
Many of the eighties by my parents. The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, U2, etc.

-Song that nobody expects you to like.
gggg those who listened more than ten years ago :v I love some that came out even when I was not even born.

-Song that you want to sound at your wedding.
Definitely Night changes One Sirection, cheesy, i know

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-Song you're listening to right now.
No Idea Big Time Rush, my favorite band for ever :') Rusher <3

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That's all xD thank u for reading this :v all the love for you and a good night sweet heart <3

-Liss c: