Just things that feel like describe me.. in this point and time

An Animal

tiger, water, and animal image Temporarily removed cheetah and vintage image Image by Starry
A white tiger or a cheetah

A Tattoo

tattoo, snake, and white image tattoo and lion king image Temporarily removed Abusive image

An Accessory

Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and black image Mature image crown, diamond, and goals image
rings and necklaces are a must!

Body Part

love, couple, and car image fashion beauty pretty, alternative vintage, and lips lipstick body image Image by ssstranger tings beautiful and beauty image
both are very kind and expressive but also so intimate and erotic.


colores, dibujo, and mujer image Temporarily removed purple, background, and aesthetic image aesthetic, blue, and light image
Anything that has blue or can fade from the spectrum of cool colors.

A Season

cherry blossom, japan, and sakura image paris, autumn, and fall image Image by Luana england, house, and flowers image
Spring or fall, no in between. Winter is just too cold (but there is Christmas ): ) and Summer is too hot where I'm MeLtiNg (mind you i live in Florida ha)

Mythical Creature

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed disney, gif, and Island image Temporarily removed vampire, lips, and teeth image blue, glitter, and green image
Ever since the show H2O I've always wanted to be a mermaid. Yet again, reading those R.L Stine books made me love vampires. Not the twilight type of vampires.

An Element

ocean, Powerful, and rocks image Temporarily removed nature, water, and aesthetic image ancient, Croatia, and dubrovnik image
Water, very light and can take up any space, but can be very powerful and strong. (Also how cool that I found a picture with Poseidon in it! The King of the sea and other waters.)


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by VIOLET, YOU'RE TURNING VIOLET! Temporarily removed
Tacos (because OBVIOUSLY) and Bacon Cheese Friends to make me die from high cholesterol

Clothing Item

red, dress, and rose image Temporarily removed girl, dress, and fashion image alternative, girls, and grunge image
If I were rich and had nothing better to do I'd buy all of these dresses


angel, background, and losers image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by @larissaruys :)
1. Real Life- The Weeknd 2. Money On My Mind - Sam Smith 3. Ten Thousand Hours - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 4. Alone- Bazzi


funny, tacos, and lol image Temporarily removed Mature image quotes, mistakes, and waiting image
Things to never forget, never regret, and most importantly live by this set.

Fictional Character

cartoons, life, and sad image disney, kim possible, and cartoon image girl, kim, and possible image