I've seen a lot of articles like this, and I wanted to do it too.

M; Madrid, Spain

madrid, real, and real madrid image
I love soccer and I really love how Spain has that soccer atmosphere everywhere. I would like to visit Bernabeu Stadium.

E; Esmeraldas, Ecuador

beach, playa, and turismo image
Esmeraldas has the most beautiful people and beaches, the ambience is really nice there.

L; Los Angeles, United States

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In movies, everyone have talked about this city as a perfect one. I imagine this city as a really lovely place. I would love to go there once.

A; Amsterdam, Netherlands

moon, city, and night image
I'd love to see this.

N; Nápoles, Italia

travel, cafe, and place image
Italy, just beautiful.

N; New York, United States.

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Good music, good people, good fashion sense, good everything, all day, all night.

I; Ilsan, South Korea

beautiful, cloud, and gorgeous image
There's so many place that I'd like to go in Korea.

E; Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh and vintage image
Omg, those castles.

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