Hiiiiiii in today´s article I am going to recommend you some tv shows that I really enjoy and I hope you like it too. So here we go.

The first tv series I recommend you is Gossip Girl.

Mature image gossip girl, starbucks, and strawberry image
This series is full of drama and fashion icons if you like this two things you must watch it.

How I met your mother

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Perfect story, a lot of laughs the perfect combination.

Gilmore Girls (Is one of my favorite series.)

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If you like cute and transcendent series this is for you.

Modern Family

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The funniest characters, when I see this series I laugh so much.


riverdale image cole sprouse, dog, and riverdale image
What can I say about this series, Cole Sprouse is in there, what more can we need.


friends, Jennifer Aniston, and chandler image gif and friends image
My favorite series in the entire world, LOVE THIS.

So, this is some of my favorite tv shows, I hope you see some, I promise you that they are good series.

-P 📺