Hi guys! I found so interesting this tag so I just decided to do one myself
I hope you enjoy it and that we get to know a little bit more.

1. What is your name
Mariana Balvuena

2. What does your name mean?
It is basically 2 names in one. Maria and Ana and both are related to God or something

3. Where are you from?

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4. Where do you live?

5. What do you do for a living?
I work in the administrative area of a high school

6. What are your favourite colours?
I like black, white and pink

7. Star sign?

8. Favourite music genres?
Pop, Salsa. Actually I listen to everything

9. Favourite music artists?
Artic Monkeys, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, J Balvin...

11. Favourite drink?
Coffee and VODKA

12. Favourite snack?
De Todito (Colombian Snack)

13. Favourite holiday?
Miaaamiiiiiii and New York

Miami, london, and paris image

14. Favourite past time?
Dancing, Biking, Parties...

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15. Favourite sport?

16. Talents?
I'm not talented lol. I love dancing and I believe I'm really good at it.

17. Wish I was talented at:

18. Are you competitive?

19. Describe myself in one sentence:

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20. Best compliment I've received:
If you fu** like you dance I wanna f¨*¨* with you the rest of life.

21. Bad habits?
I'm lazy af

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22. Favorite things about myself?
People say I'm a good friend. I think I love to give love in big amounts lol and to everyone

23. On top of bucket list?
The whole fuckn WORLD.

24. Three long term goals:

Get my own apartment
Have a stable relationship
Go to live outside the country

25. Three short term goals:

Gain weight
Spend less money on unecessary things
Get to Tomorrowland in summer

26. Doing to achieve these goals?
I'm eating more, on time and healthy food (It's been a month like this already)
I don't go out with my debit and credits cards anymore. Just CASH
I have my tickets to TML. (I don't have my flight tickets yet)

27. Biggest accomplishment?
Finishing College and Learning 2 languages

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28. Ideal first date?
At the beach, taking a surfing lesson and listening to good music

29. Preferred qualities in partners?
I love guys who are confident with themselves.

30. Role models?
Mom and Dad

31. Parent I am most like:
My dad

32. Parent I am closest to:
Both. I love them and we are like best friends

33. Last book I read:
Daughter of Smoke and Bone

34. Favourite fairytale?
Beauty and the Beast

disney, beauty and the beast, and la bella y la bestia image

35. Favourite quote?
"I have found that if you love life, life will love you back"

36. Favourite school subject?
English and Physics

37. Subject I am best at:

38. Favourite teacher?
My English teacher when I was studying english in Toronto.

39. Best friend?
Her name is Linda she is just amazing. She is 20 and she is in University. She'll be the best architect this country will have

40. Who had the greatest impact on my life?
My roomies back in Toronto

41. Apps I use most:
Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook

42. Technology I can't live without:
My phone

43. Countries I visited:

44. Countries I want to visit:
Japan and South Korea

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45. Favourite Disney movie?
High School Musical

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46. Best memory?
Sitting with one of my best friends in Toronto in a bench talking about life until 3am and not knowing how to get back home.

47. Most embarrassing memory?
I have so many. Can't tell only one. I should write one article telling all my embarrassin moments lol.

48. Past relationships?
Two. Not bad. I just get tired of boys

49. Advice for younger self?

50. Wish I had known sooner:
Life fuck us all at a certain point.

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS. I had fun writting it and I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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