Hello there!!!! So I haven't write in a while, actually in a long time, because of school, my birthday, etc,etc. But today I'm back again with a cool article. I've wrote a Bullet Journal article before, about how to set up one, but in general. This one is more specific, so if you need some inspiration keep reading. Enjoy.

1 Step: Do a month cover

So, here you have two choices. You can do a cover (just with the name of the month) on one page and then in other page you write your goals for the month and a month calendar. Or you can make your life a little simple and put everything in two pages. It's up to you guys. I decided to put everything in these two, as you can see. Get inspired.

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Oh, I almost forgot, you can add an inspirational quote, some pictures, a draw, anything you want to make a pretty start for your bullet journal on this month.

Here you have some extra ideas beside mine.

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Step 2: Make a level 10 life

As you know, a Bullet Journal helps you to put up your life together. But, besides that I think that helps you to be a better person too,more organized,more settled,more focus. So you can't miss this one if you want to improve yourself.

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So guys, you have to choose 10 aspects of your life,for example:Social life, Studies, Work, Family, Fitness life, etc. You can read mine, I didn't write love life because I don't have one (So sad though) Anyway, just put 10 and you are done for now.

Step 3: Make your Mood Tracker

So, put your hands up if you are in constant changue of mood.I do not mean moody, I mean starting the day great but suddenly you did something and then you are stressed but you worked out so now you are tired and a lot of stuff happens in our lifes that sometimes just seems that there is a battled of emotions inside.

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Keep all of that on track and see how it goes.

Step 4: Make a Habit Tracker

Now you have a little bit more of control on your mood, your plans, your goals...let's take a look at your habits.

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Write down those habits you want to improve or you want to continue doing this month. So you can cross the day you've done that. There you have some ideas.

Step 5: Start planning your days

Just plan tomorrow. Write things you need and want to do, and try to do all of them. You are done!!!!

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So guys, I hope you've enjoyed this article, you can read my other articles too, they all have one purpose: SLAY THIS 2018.

Thanks for reading
Take care.

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