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The dreaded exam period is approaching, and studying right now is crucial. April is the only month left to get yourself prepared - and the best way to do this is to create the perrrfect environment to help you concentrate. If you wanna know how, then keep on reading:

Clear your desk

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Get rid of any clutter on your desk, only leave room for essentials like: books and stationary that you need at the moment. This will get rid of the annoying task of wasting time looking around for pens or books around your desk, since everything will be easily accessible.

A tidy desk will help put you in a better mood and will make you feel organised, thus, allowing you to focus on getting your work done.

Clean your room

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Having a messy room is so stressful, espescially when you've got a lot of work you need to do. It leaves you feeling overwhelmed, easily agitated & demotivated to do anything productive - which is not the right mood to be in when you need to study. So, make sure you try your best to have your room spotless. Ensure that:

  • Your Floor has no junk.
  • Your bin has been cleared out.
  • There are no clothes piled up in your room, instead, they should be in your closet - or if they're dirty, then leave them in your laundry basket to clean them later.
  • Your bed has been made.
  • You wipe any surfaces in your room to get rid of dust or stains.

Do everything you possibly can to maintain a clean room.

Have some music playing in the background

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Play some relaing music in the background while you study. Choose music that has no lyrics in them. This makes it easier to concentrate on your notes, rather than paying attention to song lyrics.

Soft and soothing music will make you feel at ease & happy while you study. You can find study music playlists on Soundcloud or Youtube, that have chilled jazz & hip hop beats, classical music, and meditation music - it ultimately depends on your taste in music.

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If you're not into music playing in the background, then you can get yourself a water fountain. The sound of water flowing in the background will help you feel relaxed and will help de-stress you while you're studying.

Buy a potted plant

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Plants will make your study space a serene and peaceful environment. Make sure you get yourself a real plant, not the plastic one - as real plants help to generate oxygen, which will in turn improve the air quality in your room and make it easier for you to breathe: this will leave you feeling nice and refreshed while you're studying. Just make sure that you remember to water it often.

The best plants to get that are low-maintenance are aloe and snake plants.

Light a scented candle

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Scented candles will leave your study space smelling lovely - plus, they will create an inviting, easy and pleasant place to study in.

Invest in a quality chair

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Since you're gonna spend many hours at your desk, you have to be comfortable -and the only way that can happen is if you have a high quality, comfortable chair. Comfort should be your priority if you want your study session to be a success because the wrong chair can leave you moving around, trying to find a comfortable spot - which will have you in complete discomfort and distract you from your notes.


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Decorate your study space with some uplifting pictures on your wall, just to have a space that has nothing but positive vibes. You can even add some other beautiful decor that suits your taste, to make your study space pleasant and inviting. This will really improve your mood and make you feel happy and motivated to study in such a clean, well decorated environment.

since now you know how to create a relaxing study environment, check out how you can make studying fun :

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