This week we have the Sun squaring Pluto very late on the 10th, followed by Venus trining Mars on the 11th. On the 12th we have Venus sextiling Neptune.

Jupiter retrogrades back into a sextile to Pluto on the 14th and on the same day Mars sextiles Neptune.

On the 15th Mercury stations direct at 04° Aries, and will be in direct motion on the 16th. While these events will end Mercury’s retrograde motion, the shadow period of this retrograde ends on May 3rd.

The New Moon on the 15th will be at 26 Aries. All times Central Standard Time (CST).

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Work may be giving you a few headaches early in the week with you perhaps feeling the effects of some power games being played there. This is a wonderful time for putting your heart and soul into a work project though, particularly if it involves a creative touch. Midweek you may be feeling rather indulgent and prone to day-dreaming. There is the possibility of increasing your income at this time, although it may mean having to adjust your thinking regarding joint finances in some way.


Preconditioned ideas versus what you have learned lately may have you feeling a little conflicted early in the week. This is a great time to devote yourself to learning more about art or culture, and some may find themselves falling for someone from another country. Friends and groups that you belong to may also be fertile grounds for finding a new love interest. Those currently in relationships are sure to find that a joint adventure has an invigorating effect on both of you.


Early in the week may bring some heartache when it comes to friends and joint finances or possessions. Some will be involved with a secretive romance and may find that the very nature of this makes things even more exciting when you are together. This may have you daydreaming more at work, and if you are lucky you may be able to channel this softer, more romantic side of you into creative projects. This is a time when increasing your finances or possessions is possible, although there is the possibility that you may increase your waistline at this time too.


Are you giving your partner all the time and attention that they need/deserve? Early in the week, you may find yourself having to justify how much you are giving, both at work and to your significant other. Midweek brings a nice interlude with your partner though, helping to lighten what may have been a heavier atmosphere earlier in the week. Those that are single are likely to find themselves drawn to those in their friendship circle, groups they belong to and overseas. Late in the week, the temperature really heats up for those in relationships, both new and established with lots of intensity and passion.


Work is likely to be very busy at this time, but that is unlikely to have stopped you from traveling or making plans to do so. If you are jetting off to a distant location, make sure to double check all your details as this is an area still subject to delays and communication foul-ups. Those still at work are likely to be enjoying themselves, and some may even be involved in an office romance. Home and family are also places that fuel your soul and you may be in the process of initiating some daily routines that will make your time there more advantageous and enjoyable.


Money matters may come to a head in relation to your children, a lover or a creative or leisure activity that you are involved in early in the week. A sense of adventure is likely to be building up within you though, and this may be in relation to study, publishing or an overseas venture. This is likely to have a great flow on effect on your relationship with your partner, and this can be a very romantic time for you. When it comes to joint finances, you are likely itching to discuss and take action at this time, although you may find that you need to revisit these decisions after mid-July. Late in the week, your relationship with your loved ones, including children is likely to benefit from some deep but open discussion.


You may feel pulled between your family and your partner early in the week, leaving you feeling very uncomfortable. Midweek, you may benefit from some shared resource through your family or home. Finances are very much on your mind at this time, both your own and those shared with others, particularly family. Time and effort put into your home are likely to have you feeling more content with your surroundings.


Communications in general, and in the workplace, in particular, may give rise to an uncomfortable situation early in the week. This is also a great time to challenge yourself to improve your health. Time spent with your partner is likely to be so much more agreeable midweek though, with passion and attraction high. This is a great time for you when it comes to love and having a good time. Your desire to break out of your regular routine at the moment is high and you are excited to discuss your plans with others at this time.


Money and good times are very much on your mind at this time. You may have some plans you are eager to put into motion but feel constrained by your finances. Work should be good for you at this time though, and there may well be chances to increase your income at this time. Your home and your family are our havens now, and the desire to decorate may be strong at this time. You may also be very interested in delving into your family history late in the week.


You may feel very protective of your home and family at this time and feel the need to assert this in some way early in the week. Midweek you will be looking to lose the serious tone and have a little fun. Your appreciation of art, beauty will be strong at this time, and you are able to charm others at this time. Friends or those that you network with may be able to give you a huge boost near the end of the week, most likely related to how you are seen by others.


Communications are potentially a little tense early in the week and may have more to do with your own inner demons than reality. Midweek finds you a little more mellow and finding enjoyment in time spent at home and with your family. Career-wise, you are likely to do well at this time, although plans you wish to share with bosses and clients may well do with a bit more polishing yet.


Issues related to self-esteem, possessions or finances may rear their head in relation to a friend early in the week. Midweek your relationship with friend and those that you know through groups you belong to is likely to be so much more cordial, with some finding romance in these areas. Study and travel are areas which strongly attract you at this time and are likely to leave you feeling more powerful and confident in yourself.