In life you’re going to do a lot of mistakes, and its okay.
Life is about that, learn.

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You will always hear from your grandparents and parents “You have so much to learn”, they are so right but they also forget they are still learning about life.

No one prepares you for your fist serious relationship, your first child, your first house, your first day at work. Adults, they already know that and but they forget that they are still learning too.

Something that will always bothers me about the people who are more older than me is that their mine is so closed in what they believed and learn that when you are learning and fighting your own battles, they tell you, “you are so wrong, what do you know about life?”.

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Nothing, I know nothing about life, cause I have a lot to live, and there is the beauty about all those times I did mistakes, I have learn about myself, about people, about who cruel people can be for one mistake you made.

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Let me tell you something, Its okay when you do a mistake, so big that gives you some rough time, you will learn from that, not only about not doing it again, you will learn about yourself and step by step, you will grow as a person. But when you get to that time when you have to be a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, don’t ever tell your kids, “You don’t know nothing about life” “You are going to fail because of the choices you make” “I have suffer more pain than you” “Stop being a drama queen” “I’m always right because I know more than you”.

In general, don’t ever compare your pain with other person pain, you never know what is going on in their life, maybe that problem they have is like a little rock for you but for them it can be a giant mountain, they are still figure it out to move. In life you are going to fail in many things, many times, that is also okay, even if its in your life style, you career choice, a relationship, whatever, at least what you will have when you fail, is the word “I tried” and later when you get old you wont have to think about a “what if”.

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No one knows about life or the meaning of living, is a mystery you and only you is going to figure out in your own way with your own ways, everybody has something that makes them unique. People who are older than you will always think they know more than you, and sometimes they do, always take their advice, but sometimes they are wrong just like us, the young ones who are beginning their own journey in this world, times change, things change.

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This generation live in a world where thank god they are so many people who inspire us that we are capable of do whatever we dream and guess what? Its true, is not going to be easy, but we have to keep going not to prove other people who doubt about us they were wrong, keep going for yourself, to do something different.

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There will be people who are going to look at you like you’re a failure that cant be fix, that you are going to keep failing, it doesn’t matter what they think, at the end of the day, who you really count on is yourself, no one else going to take you to the place you want.

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So keep learning in your own way, with your own terms.

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