hello! this is my first post, that is why maybe I did not express in the best way, but I'm already going to be improving. I had the idea to make the tag 25 things about me
1. my name is Martina but I like to say me Mar.
2. I'm from Argentina (that's why some words I did not end up going out in English, if you don't understand something you can ask me).
3.for now, I'm not going to say my age.
4. my dream is to be a writer.
5. I love to write and read.
6. my playlist favorite on spotify is "Covers 2017", I love the songs with all my heart.
7.I have a dog.
8. I am in the process of making me a vegetarian, one day I'll upload a post about the reasons.
9. I'm a fan of Agustin Casanova, former lead singer of a uruguayan band called "Marama".
10.I really like to sing and play the piano, although none of the two things I come out very well.
11. I am buddhist.
12. my favorite color is apple green.
13. I won a literary competition the previous year.
14. I love the winter, many people say that is that I was born in that station.
15. I love dance under the rain.
16.I started to use We heart it makes very little time.
17. I practice acrobatic gym.
18. my princess favorite disney is Merida of "Brave".
19. my favorite subject in the schools is language.
20. my subject hated in school is informatic.
21. I'm very sensitive.
22.I get angry super fast.
23.I love taking photos.
24. I don't like sushi.
25. my favorite series are: "la casa de papel, "pretty little liars", "Stranger Things" and "the end of the fucking world".
thanks for reading, I hope you like my posts! a huge greeting.
-Mar :)