hello beautiful people,
welcome to my first post, I always admired we heart it articles, so here I am !!

today I'm going to be showing you my feels playlist, you know, the songs that help you escape your life and live an extraordinary one in your mind; the kind that makes you wish you were part of a fantasy:

A beautiful one.

the night we met
-lord huron

love, couple, and the 1975 image gif, stars, and sky image Image by Jaciara Gomes Grangeiro girl, smoke, and grunge image
Yes, this song it from 13rw, but trust me, it is beautiful and one of my favourite songs of all time. I feel like I am being transported to a different planet when I listen to this. Highly recommend.


Image by prettytearz love, grunge, and quotes image dark and wind image Temporarily removed
This song is beautiful, and just the melody can make you feel sad. Perfect background music.

in my blood
_-shawn mendes

rose, aesthetic, and flowers image lips, aesthetic, and red image aesthetic, red, and dress image flowers, rose, and red image
This song has become popular really fast, but its truly perfect and motivates you to fight and to hang in a little longer.

-daniel caesar

bed, blue, and tired image flowers, blue, and rose image fashion, girl, and jewelry image baby blue, blue, and cars image
No words for this song. Perfection.

city of stars
-la la land soundtrack

Image removed la la land, emma stone, and ryan gosling image adventure, aesthetic, and blue image night, sky, and city image
The pain of wanting to live a life that cannot be yours. Could not relate to a song more, if you haven't listened, listen now, and watch la la land while your at it!

carry on

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed book, black and white, and library image sadness, quotes, and madness image
xxxtentacion is one of my most favourite rappers, and this is my favourite song of his. His songs are so deep and full of meaning, only if you listen to the lyrics.

-billie eilish

cool, fashion, and girl image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image dog, animal, and flowers image yellow and vibes image
I love all of billie's songs, especially this one. Go listen to it now.

take care

light, grunge, and tumblr image flowers, pink, and plants image girl, eyes, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
All of EDEN's songs are masterpieces, but I love this one from his new album. It's just the melody and the tune gets me emotional.

thank you so much for reading and see you soon (hopefully)!
lots of love,

nisa xx