Hello! So this is my "aesthetic" playlist, Iv'e been listening to these songs on REPEAT. So I decided to share them with you :)

Daddy Issues, Scary Love, Compass,Crybaby and Stuck With Me - The Neighbourhood

No Less - Oh Wonder

Fade Away - Trevor Something

Slip - Elliot Moss

Drugs - Eden

Set Me Free - The Kinks

We're Not Just Friends - Parks, Squares and Alleys

I Don't Know You - The Marias

My Kind Of Woman - Mac Demarco

Floating In The Dark - Palmas

Dope On The Rope - The Growlers

Pretty Girl, Hot Cheetos - Clairo

Idle Town - Conan Gray

Mystery Of Love - Sufjan Stevens

My Boy, idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish

Sexy Boy - Air

You're Somebody Else - Flora Cash

Here If You Want (Pale Blue) - Mosss

Cool Slut - Chastity Belt

Being No One, Going Nowhere - STRFKR

Kids - MGMT

Easy To Get, Look At Where We Are - Hot Chip

Girls Your Age - Transviolet

So these are all the songs, I hope you will like at least one of them. I will for sure post another playlist but with a different genre.

Always & Forever,