Oh boy, I think I am falling for you. This wasn't supposed to happen, not now, not ever. But I can't control it. I know I should just stay away but I can't. I love being around you. I just wish I could touch you, kiss you, feel you, the way I want to. But I can't, we're just friends. But sometimes I think we can be more than that. I actually imagine it. Us being more than just friends. You drive me crazy. I love the way you touch me, look at me, smile at me and make me laugh. I love your personality. But I know I shouldn't. Because you remind me of him. The one I loved much more than myself for years. But I said no more. And know it's you. The one that I want. So similar to him. I am walking towards the devils heart. And I can't stop. You are all I think about. I go there just to see you. Spend time with you and it shouldn't be like that. I don't want that for me. I can't go through that again. And I know this will only get worse. And I am going to end up falling asleep with my pillow soaking wet, thinking about you and all we could have been. Like I did with him. Night after night. Over and over again. And then you are going to fall for someone and I am going to watch you everyday with her, kissing her, making her laugh, wishing it was I beside you. And in the end I will be so damaged that I won't open up to anyone. I will build walls so high no one could ever climb them. I will build walls so strong no one could ever break them. Only you. But we both know you don't want nothing to do with me. So please walk away because I can't. Not anymore. So I can be happy with someone who values me, who is willing to give me everything I could ever ask for. Some who will be by my side like you never were. Because I deserve someone like that. I deserve to feel appreciated, feel cared for, feel loved, feel safe and protected, like you never did. I am tired of this situation. I don't know if I can take it anymore. I need someone by my side. I deserve that happiness. I know I do. So please someone tell me when it's my time. Because I am tired of waiting.