I've spend three years crushing on you. Head over heals. Nothing and nobody could change that, no matter how hard I tried. Of course, I tried to hide it as much as I possibly could and pretended I didn't care but I think it was obvious that I was stung by your new found lover aka my bestfriend. I mean, it hurt that she'd hit on you after I've told her how I felt but I guess I tend to put other people's feelings and happiness above mine and so I told her that I was fine, that it didn't hurt at all, that I was over it anyway. Pfft, a long time ago too.
I decided to stay away from you both since my heart ached every time I seen you two together. You both were happy, and both without me. I didn't want to be that one third wheel of your relationship either. It destroyed me staying away from you, someone who I spoke to almost everyday.
But I assumed it would be for the best. Wonder if you even thought of me at all or was I just as easily erased from your mind as when she took you from me?
I wish you all the best. You deserve nothing less. Hense why she got you instead of me..