Get to know me- inspiration from I decided to do this so people get to know me a little more. Let's get on with this~

Name- Natasha

Height- 5'3''

Age- 16

Birthday- 28th June

Eye colour- green/ blue. It likes to change.

Favourite colours- blue and green

Favourite food- pie.

Favourite song- I don't really have one.

Favourite TV show/s-

blue, doctor who, and galaxy image doctor who, tardis, and moon image Image removed david tennant, doctor who, and fez image
Doctor Who
the big bang theory, jim parsons, and simon helberg image the big bang theory, leonard, and sheldon image Image by Ellie Styles art, penny, and tbbt image
The Big Bang Theory
paranormal, tv, and ghost adventures image paranormal, tv, and ghost adventures image ghost adventures and zak bagans image Image removed
Ghost Adventures

Favourite book- I don't have one but a great read in my opinion is "Girl Online" by Zoe Sugg.

Favourite movie/s

harry potter, deathly hallows, and hp image harry potter, book, and owl image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image harry potter, hagrid, and fluffy image
Harry Potter series
Image removed background, book, and hogwarts image art, cozy, and digital image Image by Mary Kozakura
Fantastic Beasts
Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by l a v s c o Image by Çağla Deniz 🥀
Pitch Perfect

Favourite singer/s

halsey image boy, colors, and music image Image by takacstekla Image by 🧸
icon image hayley kiyoko image hayley kiyoko image gay, girl, and icon image
Hayley Kiyoko
Temporarily removed marina and the diamonds and froot image Image by Helena marina and the diamonds, marina diamandis, and indie image
Marina and The Diamonds

Favourite actor/actress

Image removed background, book, and cinnamon roll image eddie redmayne, actor, and beautiful image Temporarily removed
Eddie Redmayne
pretty and rebel wilson image Image removed Image removed comment, funny, and reaction image
Rebel Wilson

Relationship status- single. I don't need to date people when I want a career.

First kiss- When I was 12.

Miss anyone- nope.

Last song you heard- Hoodie by Hey Violet.

Pets- a Border Collie named Alfie ♥

Favourite school subject/s- I've enjoyed drama for 3 years.

Least favourite subject- art; I don't get independence and a lot of people dislike me.

Battery percentage- 99%

Phone you have- iPhone 5s

Last text- my auntie.

Number of kids I want- 0. My life is to complicated.

Favourite app- don't have one.

Zodiac sign- Cancer

Favourite holiday

christmas image Image by Ana Paula Horta Image by Ana Paula Horta Image by Miasutta

Celebrity crush/es

beautiful, eddie redmayne, and harry potter image eddie redmayne image eddie redmayne image eddie redmayne image
Eddie Redmayne
anna kendrick image beautiful, celebrities, and sexy image beautiful, celebrities, and sexy image Image removed
Anna Kendrick

What are you wearing- a hoodie and shorts.

fashion, champion, and grey image Calvin Klein, outfit, and grey image

How do you feel right now- I'm sick right now so, pretty bad.

One wish- to get the independence and credit that I deserve.

Best friends name- I don't have one. I class my dog as my best friend.

Lucky number- 5

Sports you play- none.

Number of siblings- 0 and I'm happy about that.

Biggest fear- needles.

Shoe size- UK 5.5

Been bullied- a lot.

Favourite season

Image by Ana Paula Horta Image by Ana Paula Horta girl, light, and winter image winter, austria, and snow image

Favourite place- home.

Favourite quote- "I can do this."

Country you would like to visit-

city, newyork, and nyc image new york, statue of liberty, and usa image buildings, manhattan, and new york image cactus, desert, and mountain image

One thing no one knows- I have nothing to hide, so nothing.

Believe in ghosts- yes.

Working- no but I have been offered a job as a barista.

Been drunk- no. I don't want to drink in my life.

Are you a virgin- yes.

That's it- there it is. You know me a bit more. ♥