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This is hard. I read a lot, since I was a little girl and I know that I lack read a lot of books but I read what I like.
I have like millions of favorite books, and it’s hard to choose because I must have a favorite book depending on the genre, the author, the saga, etc. So I’m going to make it a little easier and I’m going say the books just like that, without clarification

Caraval, Stephanie Garber

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Love this book. I love his writing and the plot is fantastic. Some time ago I was looking for a book about circuses and this one definitely fascinated me. The author has a talent and an incredible imagination. It is a wonderful book

Heartless, Marissa Meyer

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Oh my God. I am a fan of Alice in Wonderland, I love everything that is related to it and Marissa Meyer is my favorite writer for many reasons and with this book I went crazy again. The retelling of the red queen is fantastic and the dark world of wonders enchanted me, the writer takes many elements of all the adaptations that have been made of history and is this work of art.

Wonder, R.J Palacios

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Every human being should read this book for the amount of beautiful and magnificent messages it gives. There is a movie that is as good as the book and the story in general is very beautiful, I love it in the first pages and let out a few tears with it.

Percy Jackson and the titan´s curse, Rick Riordan

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I love Greek mythology and when I discovered this saga I was very happy, I read it a while ago but I still have a very special affection. my favorite of the whole saga is the third but all have a place in my heart. Percy is like my little son whom I saw growing up and loving the adventures with him, the uncle Rick is an incredible writer

Daughter of smoke and bone, Laini Taylor

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I have no words to describe how much I love this beautiful and powerful book with a world of incredible creatures and characters. I love the book, the saga, the characters, everything.

Cress, Marissa Meyer

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Here I can say a few things that I do not want to send a spoiler. I love the retellings of the classic stories and the saga of the lunar chronicles is my favorite over all the others, what can I say, I love their characters. I did not like science fiction and thanks to this saga it became a genre that I really enjoy. I recommend 100% any book by Marissa Meyer

The perks of being invisible, Stephen Chbosky

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If you are a teenager and you go through a difficult time this book is the solution. It is perfect for those moments in which you do not know why so many things are happening to you and it serves to give you encouragement because you are fond of Charlie and you understand the things that are happening. the writing is incredible and the format of the book is impressive, I had never seen a book like that and I loved it when I found out that there was a book in the movie. it reads super fast and is a book that is read more than once for all the messages it brings

Okay, that was all for today, this article was a long one because, well, it's about something that I love and it's about books so it would be weird if I did not explain it when writing it. I hope you enjoyed it and that you can read at least one of this list because seriously, they are wonderful books.
See you in the next article
XOXO, Blondie Girl