Please, stop raising your children as they have to do specific things in their lives. Cleaning the house and cooking doesn't make a woman more woman. Stop making your daughter think she has to learn to do those things because "she's a woman". Teach her that doing that is just a way to help in home. Stop making her think she can't wear shorts because that's something that only sluts do. Do not make her think she has to stay at home and be a housewife to be a good wife. Do not definitely serve men more food because "men eat more than women do".

Do not make your son think he has to let his wife do all the house work while he watches the football match. Teach him to cook for her if she is tired or sick. Don't teach him he has to be "the King of the house", teach him he's part of the family so he has to be able to help everytime his help is required. Tell him to respect his wife when she's not in the mood or exhausted.

Change starts at home.