Hello Hearters,

This is my last day (and article) of this challenge and I am really glad that I finally finish it. It was really fun writing something new and sharing feelings with you, so let's start with the last one: the happy things happened to me during these 30 days.

1) I've passed the written driving test.

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2) I've spent a really good time with my friends.

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3) I've passed an exam.

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5) I've eatean in very good restaurants.

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6) I've spent some time with my kittens.

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7) I've almost finish one of my stories and I've started new ones.

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That's really all. I hope you enjoyed this challenge as I did and you will start to writing it too. I love reading your articles about it, so don't stop doing it.

also, you can read my other articles:

Thanks for reading.
as always, see ya soon.

- themermaidwriter.