today i do this tag cause i was boring and i don't know what to do and i see this and i say , why not?

A - Age
18 years old!!

B - Best serie/movie
I love so many movies and series that i can't pick

C - Current time

D - Drink I last had
Peach juice

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E - Every day starts with
I struggle to get out of bed and survive

F - Favourite songs
my favorite songs are for season now I am listening a lot to the albums of Camila Cab,ello and Drake and i can't pick songs , sorry not sorry.

G - Grossest memory
throw up in my bed

H - Height
i'm 5'1" ,yes, i am very small

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I - I'm in love with
So many things and persons!!

J - Jealous
of Emma Roberts cause she stole my bae.

K - Killed someone
I prefer not to answer this question...

L - Last time you cried
Last week.

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M - Middle name
Derived from the Latin pius: pious
WHAT?! i just google it and this appear.

N - Number of siblings
I have a big sister, but I also have a half brother on my mother's side and a half sister on my father's side so I have 3 but i just live with my big sis.

O - One wish
Have thousand wishes more to fix the world.

P - Person you last called/texted
The last person i called was my sister and the last person i text was in my friends group chat.

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Q - Questions you're always asked
Are you okay?

R - Reasons to smile

S - Song you last sang
She Way out by The 1975.

T - Time you woke up

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U - Underwear colour

V - Vacation place
Camping somewhere could be anywhere.

W - Worst habit
bite my nails,procrastination and so many things more

X - X-rays you've had
My knees because my kneecap is not good and my head because sometimes I have very strong pains and they wanted to make sure it wasn't something bad.

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Y - Your favourite food
Everything ,but i really like ice cream , i can marry with ice cream.

Z - Zodiac sign

Hope you liked it.
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