hi, i'm moon! i'm 14 years old and i'm from peru. you know what i'm looking for since the title says it all. ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙

゚+*:;;:* here are some things about me. *:;;:*+゚

  • i may be shy or even awkward at first but when you get to know me i'm like an open book. we could literally talk about anything. i'm the type of person who is in a good mood most of the time (i have bad days too). i'm nice, funny (i think) and supportive, i'll be there no matter what.
  • about music tastes, these days i'm into k-pop the most (mainly boy groups).
exo, kpop, and suho image Image removed kpop, svt, and Seventeen image ken, Leo, and ravi image
favourite k-pop bgroups: exo, wanna one, seventeen and vixx.

—recently, nu'est/nu'est w and the boyz have been trying to steal my heart too. i'm sure i'll make new collections for them soon.
i also like other bgroups!

dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher group, and group image
about k-pop ggroups: dreamcatcher is my only favourite one. but i like red velvet, gfriend, cosmic girls and elris.
pd101, sewoon, and jeong sewoon image
k-soloists: i started to like jeong sewoon a lot. such a cutie. i'll make a collection for him too. ♡
luhan, exo, and kpop image exo, lay, and yixing image
c-pop: luhan and lay, as soloists. (i'm an exo ot9 stan, don't misunderstand my words here:( yixing's work has to be appreciated)

—since i watched idol producer and not all of my faves entered top9, besides stanning 9 percent i think i'll fall in love with more than one c-pop bgroup there.

  • series, drama and anime: i didn't watch a lot before so you could recommend any of your faves if you like!
  • spanish is my first language but i'd prefer to talk in english. i wanna improve not only my writing but my speaking too if possible because i suck at it ): age, nationality, gender and other things don't matter. ♡

☆.。.:* if you're interested send me a postcard and we can start from there. ^^ .。.:*☆

thank you for reading!