Concerts. Dear concerts. This has to be my favorite place on earth. The happiness that this event brings me makes me feel so light.
I don't think I have ever found a place like this. As much tired as I get I am always ready for it.
The rush that we feel before entering the arena, the nerves we feel when the first note echoes through space, the energy we feel when we see the artist. All of this building leads to this huge release of a mix of emotions that all combined make you explode with happiness. Everyone should at least experience all of this at least once. This is too good for anyone to miss out. One of my resolutions for this year was to go to more concerts since I usually only go to one and so far everything is going as planned ahah I have two concerts next month. One of them is sam smith and I couldn't be more pumped! He is such a great vocalist and he always sounds so good when he sings live.
Another thing that I really enjoy about concerts is that it is so easy for you to make friends. If you have no one to go and are afraid of going and feeling alone, forget that thought! Back in 2016, I went to my first concert alone and by the end, I was in a group of 7 people that all went alone! Last year I went alone again and I made friends with a girl that was on the same bus as I since she was going to the concert. But we were in separated areas so when we cued I was alone again and guess what? I made a new friend there. And trust me, I am very shy on a daily basis so that is a proof that concerts are just the best place to meet someone. I am going alone to Sam's so I am really looking forward to seeing who I am going to meet there!

If you have never gone to a concert then please, make yourself a favor and go see some artist you like and listen to! I promise you will not regret. All the love, Carla

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