1. My style

fashion, hair, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image
I usually dress something like this, simple and cute
dress, fashion, and black image Temporarily removed
when I go out, I like to point out femininity, and wear dresses or skirts with high heels

2. Colour

Image by ☘•H•A•T•R•E•R•☘ wallpaper, background, and purple image beautiful, girl, and hairstyle image aesthetic, black and white, and simple image
black and something between purple and pink

3. Passions

book, coffee, and reading image friends, travel, and bff image Temporarily removed fitness, motivation, and remi image
reading, traveling, watching movies and shows and exercising

4. Fears

Temporarily removed belly, child, and kids image aesthetic, afraid, and before sunrise image girl, cry, and sad image
needles, being pregnant at the unwanted time/giving birth also, death/dying and realizing I've married the wrong one

5. Food

food, yummy, and burger image ice cream, icecream, and food image Image by Djana♚ food, pancakes, and chocolate image
my favorites are burgers, ice cream, watermelon and pancakes

6. Animals

dog, cute, and puppy image Temporarily removed horse, animal, and nature image animal, black, and panther image
dogs, gepards, horses and pumas

7. Shows

teen wolf, tyler posey, and holland roden image Temporarily removed Image removed friends, monica geller, and joey tribbiani image Image removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed
Teen wolf, AHS, Stranger things, Friends, Castle, TWD, PLL and The Flash

8. Movies

andrew garfield and hacksaw ridge image Temporarily removed horror, sinister, and creepy image love, love rosie, and couple image before i fall image Image removed Image removed love, quotes, and movie image
Hacksaw ridge, Zodiac, Sinister, Love Rosie, Before I fall, Harry Potter, Hush and Before sunrise

9. Favorite celebrities

celebrities, handsome, and sexy image barbara palvin image Taylor Swift, Reputation, and taylor image shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and smile image Image by sellynator girls and alexis ren image Image removed
Jake Gyllenhaal, Barbara Palvin, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Dylan O'Brien, Selena Gomez, Alexis Ren, Ashton Irwin and many more

10. Dreams and goals

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed paris, fashion, and travel image beach, beauty, and girl image
study so I can have a nice job, have my own family, travel the world and find true happiness

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