Hi Hearters,

So, this is a really beautiful step of my challenge because I can do projects and I can try to comply with. This articles is about three projects I have for the next month. I am not a person who makes projects for long time because, yes I am a really organized person, but I am not one those people who can make big projects because I know that everything can change in a moment. By now I have to figured out what I am going to do.

1) I will go to Paris.

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AND I AM FUCKING EXCITED. Paris in May is like a dream, isn't?

2) Summer session.

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I am going to study for the next summer session of exams and I am not happy about it but I will do the best.

3) Driving test.

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I am going to do my driving test, so wish me good luck.

4) Writing new stories.

And I think that's all. Probably I will start new projects, probably not, probably I will not finish this too. Who knows?

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See ya soon,

- themermaidwriter.