One of my favourite articles to read on We Heart It are those who share Book Recommendations, and so I thought I should share some of my own. So listed here are some of my favourite books and book series. ♡

◇ Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling

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I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.
- Harry Potter

Blurb: When mysterious letters start arriving on his doorstep, Harry Potter has never heard of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They are swiftly confiscated by his aunt and uncle.

Then, on Harry’s eleventh birthday, a strange man bursts in with some important news: Harry Potter is a wizard and has been awarded a place to study at Hogwarts.

And so the first of the Harry Potter adventures is set to begin, where he will face many dangerous tasks, make wonderful friends along the way and be face to face with his archenemy Lord Voldemort.

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My Opinion: Yes, the films are great, but the books are incredible. They are most definitely worth the read, the films miss out on so much humour, sass, and many unique characters.

The books are beautifully written, they deal with themes such as corrupt media and true friendships, and they are perfect to read when you feel like escaping your own world.

◇ Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

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The gods rule us still. They have come down from the stars. And they are no longer kind.
- Mare Barrow

Blurb: This is a world divided by blood - Red or Silver.

The reds are commoners, ruled by a Silver elite in possession of god-like powers. And to seventeen-year-old Mare Barrow, a Red girl from the poverty-stricken Stilts, it seems like nothing will ever change.

But Mare possesses a deadly power of her own. One that threatens to destroy the balance of power.

Fearful of her potential, the silvers hide Mare in plain view, declaring her a long-lost Silver princess. Knowing that one false move will mean her death, Mare must use her new position to bring down the regime - from the inside.

Now Mare has entered a game of betrayal and lies.

This is Reds against Silvers, prince against prince and Mare against her own heart.

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My Opinion: I can't begin to explain how much I love this book series. It is wonderfully written, it will both make you laugh and cry, it is truly unpredictable and it includes unique characters which you will either love, or love to hate. This book has everything, from rebel groups to royalty and from romance to action. You will not be disappointed.

◇ The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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She was one of the few soul's that made me wonder what it was to live.
- Death

Blurb: 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier.

Liesel, a nine-year-old girl, is living with a foster family on Himmel Street. Her parents have been taken away to a concentration camp.

Liesel steals books. This is her story and the story of the inhabitants of her street when the bombs begin to fall.


It's a small story, about: a girl, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist fighter, and quite a lot of thievery.

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My Opinion: The Book Thief is yet another brilliant read. Having it be narrated by Death, gives the story a unique perspective and makes it very clever. You will laugh and cry with the characters and you won't want the book to end.

◇ The Host by Stephanie Mayer

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-It's not Human.
-So we stop acting Human?

Blurb: "Humanity is all but extinct. We have been invaded by another species who erase our minds to take our bodies. But there are a few of us left, who still fight back." - Melanie Stryder

When Melanie is captured, a 'Soul' named Wanderer takes her body. Wanderer has been given the mission to search Melanie's memories to find the human resistance. But then the unexpected happens, Melanie is alive and resisting within her mind, and is able to talk to Wanderer.

Melanie fills Wanderer's thoughts with visions of Jared, a human who she loves, still living in hiding with her family. Soon Wanderer begins yearn for a man and a family she's never met.

Reluctant allies, Wanderer and Melanie set off to search for the man they both love. But will Jared and her family see past Wanderer's glowing eyes and believe that Melanie is still alive? Or will it start a conflict between those who believe and those who don't, all the while trying to fight the bigger enemy?

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My Opinion: The Host is an incredible book with diverse characters who you will grow to love and to hate. With its unique story line and themes of love, betrayal and violence, you will see SciFi in a new light. Honestly, I don't think the description gives it justice, but whether a Sci-Fi fan or not, I would recommend this book to anybody.

◇The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer

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I guess there's a Use By date when it comes to blaming your parents for how messed up you are.
- Matthew Homes

Blurb: "I'll tell you what happened because it will be a good way to introduce my brother. His name's Simon. I think you're going to like him. I really do. But in a couple of pages he'll be dead. And he was never the same after that."

19-year-old Matthew Homes lives with the guilt at the death of his brother. This is his story.

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This is a wonderful book which carefully explores the serious issue of mental illness. Through-out the book you will laugh along with Matthews dark humour, smile at his child like doodle's and ultimately figure out what happened to his younger brother all those years ago.

◇ Love Her Wild by Atticus

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Love Her Wild is the most aesthetic poetry book you will come across. The cover is wonderfully elegant and would look lovely on your bookshelf. Also, the inside is just as pretty as the outside, with some lovely photography to match his poetry.

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Atticus writes beautifully, his poetry will inspire and motivate you, and give you a different perspective on the world. It is definitely worth the buy.


Thank you for reading!

I hope I have inspired you to read one of these books, or even to write your own book recommendations article.

Have a lovely day x