hi guys!!! here's some songs that i've listened in loop since the beginning of april (not necessarily song of this month)

want you back // 5sos

Lyrics, quote, and want you back image 5sos, luke hemmings, and 5 seconds of summer image

void // the neighbourhood

fav, Lyrics, and song image aesthetic, new, and song image

cross my mind pt2 // arizona ft kiiara

arizona, black and white, and music image concert, girl, and pink hair image

sunshine // kyle ft miguel

aesthetic, sunshine, and beige image kyle, rapper, and cute image

in my blood // shawn mendes

Image removed Image removed

follow your fire // kodaline

Temporarily removed band, kodaline, and steve garrigan image

feels like we only go backwards // tame impala

Temporarily removed tame impala image

there's a honey // pale waves

pale waves image alternative, band, and indie image

turn // the wombats

Image removed Temporarily removed

chasing fire // lauv

music and lauv image music and lauv image

it was love // lany

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

cheetah tongue // the wombats

band, english, and indie image Image removed

4EVER! // lany

Lyrics, 4ever, and lany image concert, paul, and paul klein image

my spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/amandinechm

hope you enjoy! :)