This article has spoilers from Teen Wolf, Gossip Girl, Stranger Things, Riverdale and Glee about relationships.

1. Stydia (Teen Wolf)

Mieczyslaw "Stiles" Stilinski by Dylan O'Brien + Lydia Martin by Holland Roden

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gif, lydia, and teen wolf image
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2. Chair (Gossip Girl)

Charles Bartholomew "Chuck" Bass by Ed Westwick + Blair Waldorf by Leighton Meester

beautiful, blair waldorf, and chuck bass image
gossip girl, kiss, and love image
blair waldorf, chuck bass, and gossip girl image
gossip girl, chuck bass, and love image

3. Bughead (Riverdale)

Forsythe Pendleton Jones III "Jughead" by Cole Sprouse + Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper by Lili Reinhart

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4. Finchel

Rachel Berry by Lea Michele + Finn Hudson by Cory Monteith

glee, love, and kiss image
cory monteith, glee, and lea michele image
glee, finchel, and cory monteith image
love, glee, and kiss image

5. Jancy (Stranger Things)

Nancy Wheeler by Natalia Dyer + Jonathan Byers by Charlie Heaton

gif, couple, and jancy image
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gif, jonathan, and Nancy image
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6. Mileven (Stranger Things)

Michael "Mike" Wheeler by Finn Wolfhard + Jane "Eleven" by Millie Bobby Brown

gif, stranger things, and eleven image
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edit, eleven, and Finale image
gif, eleven, and stranger things image

7. Scallison (Teen Wolf)

Scott McCall by Tyler Posey and Allison Argent by Crystal Reed

teen wolf, scott, and allison image
teen wolf image
teen wolf, tyler posey, and crystal reed image
teen wolf, scott mccall, and couple image

I love these sweet couples, and you?

Paula Berdasco