Isn't it lovely, today?

“You'll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.” ― Charlie Chaplin
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If you don't know what to smile about... There's coffee!

Today's article is for #TheSmileProject –created by @writerforlife– which is worthful, inspiring, wonderful, amazing, stunning... well, I guess you get it.

I really didn't know if this article should be about songs instead of activities, but I found out that there're already plenty of articles about songs and I'm personnaly on the side of originality, so I thought this would be more interesting.

Of course, you may not agree with the activities I've collected and it's perfectly fine :)

Let's get started!

1 | Cooking with friends

It's way more fun to cook with friends than alone. Everytime that I've 'tried' it the result was the same: my friend and I laughing loudly lying on the floor, the food we were going to prepare scattered anywhere but on the plate and the kitchen turned into a mess!

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2 | Watching comedy films

This may seem pretty logic but sometimes is better to watch a nonsense, comedy film just to make a little fun of the obvious stupidity of the characters. (It is also applicable to any tv shows you like)

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I've already written an article for #TSP about some great films to smile:

They're not comedy films but I smile everytime I watch them so, if you want, take a look ;)

3 | Talking about something that inspires you

When I'm doing that I always smile for two diffrent reasons:

  • Because I'm actually talking about something I like and that brings me sort of joy
  • Because I'm opening up to others; I'm sharing what I am with other people
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4 | Watching the sky

No matter if it's an early sunrise, the midday sun, a pinkish sunset or the night sky. We're merely particles that exist under that huge, blue extension. See how it changes every day, how the stars hide and how the sun rises and falls... You'll end up smiling.

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“There is a thin line between smile and laughter.” ― Santosh Kalwar

5 | Making silly faces

Whether it's in front of the mirror or face to face with friends (or your pet!), there's no use trying to hide the smile (which will quickly become a bursting laughter)!

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6 | Discovering new songs

By that, I don't mean just listening to music. If you get stuck with the same songs –play, repeat, play, repeat– you may be missing lots of good songs! And not just music: don't close yourself to new experiences!

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7 | Doing something (anything) by yourself

'By yourself' doesn't mean without any help. It means doing something because you really want to do that, because you believe in that. It's one of the best feelings in life!

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8 | Writing / reading articles on WHI

Working hard on something and then seeing the final result, is something to be proud of. And even if you're not an active writer, reading those articles that people write just for you to enjoy, I think it's something to smile about.

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Hope you have a little fun doing these activities!

❥ I really don't know what to say to decently finish this article so here goes a little advice:

“... have a smile for everyone you meet and a plan to kill them.” ― Brad Thor

❥ Don't accept sweets from strangers, children!

Thanks for reading and see yoou soon,

― j.s. ♥

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