Hello sweethearts, I found this beautiful challenge created by the lovely @Paulien_99 and I decided to participate. I recommend you to read her answers too:


By heart I am...

1. A two am dreamer or A sound sleeper

I'm definitely a two am dreamer. Even tho I love sleeping I can't stop my mind from wondering during the latest hours of the night. It's my brains favourite moment to question my whole existence.

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2 . Reckless or Reliable

I am reliable. I tend to overthink almost everything so I usually take the less risky options.

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3. A garden grower or a Forest explorer

I'm a garden grower because I love taking care of plants and watch them grow from a smal seed to a beautiful living work of art.

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4. A newspaper or a Colouring book

I'm a colouring book because I'm full of potential and if you take the time to know me you will get something beautiful.

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5. The astronaut or The moonchild

I'm a moonchild because I have always been fascinated by the luminous moon and its beautiful stars. They are breathtaking, I could stare at them forever.

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6. Young at heart or An old soul

I'm an old soul. I love antique things specially clothes and music and I usually don't enjoy moderm things as much as people from my age do.

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7. A romantic or A realist

I'm definitely a romantic person. I live day
dreaming, it is just something that I was born with.

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8. A cloud gazer or A star chaser

I'm a cloud gazer. I have such an special love for clouds, they are of my favourite things in the world.

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9. A mountain or An ocean

I'm a mountain. I feel like I'm a mountain rather than an ocean because it is deifficult for me to open up with people so I'm like a challenge just like getting to the top of a mountain, but that doesn't make it less worth it.

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10. The artist or The muse

I'm the artist because I'm the one that gets inspired by others. I like to see the beauty on everything and then use it not only for my art but for life itself.

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By heart I love or choose…

1. Sleeping beneath the stars or Sailing at sunrise

I choose sailing at sunrise because it would be such a relaxing and mind blowing experience.

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2. Flying to the moon or Swimming to atlantis

I choose flying to the moon. It would be so amazing to see the things that only a little amout of people are able to.

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3. Polaroid pictures or Hand-written letters

I love hand-written letters. For someone like me who finds it difficult to talk about their feelings, letters are a present from heaven. I don't only enjoy writting them but also receiving them, they are like reading someone's heart.

Image by sara_kriss Image by mack

4. Barefoot adventures in the jungle or Exploring rooftops in Paris

Definitely exploring rooftops in Paris. I have wanted to visit Paris since I was six years old and walking on the rooftops of one of the most beautiful city in the world is a dream.

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5. Summer nights or City lights

I choose city lights. Have you ever stoped in the middle of a busy night and admired how shiny everything is, it kind of makes you feel so small but so important at the same time.

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6. Paintings or Poems

I love paintings. They express so much and each one of them is unique in its own way.

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7. Vintage postcards or Antique telescopes

I choose antique telescopes because they give me that old vibe and I really enjoy using them.

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8. Constellations or Conversations

I choose constellations and not only because of the beautiful ones that occupy the space, but also because of the ones that are inside of each one of us.

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9. Déjà vu or Nostalgia

I choose nostalgia because sometimes it is nice to have a look at our memories so you can not only remenber the happy ones but also learn from the not so good one.

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Hope you enjoyed reading and if so try to give this beautiful challenge a try. Lots of love xx

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