Some ppl wanna see you do good, but never better than them..

and those kind of people are just full of hate and jealousy.
Maybe once you were friends with them, ormaybe you still are..

cause those people will smile in your face, they will laugh with you, they will hang out with you - just to get to know every small detail about you.
They will give you the feeling of love, trust and happiness.
They will give you a feeling of safety.

But behind your back, all they do is trash talk about you..
they sweet talk you in the beginning and trash talk you at the end.. thats just how it works..

I don't know whats the point of being such an disrespectful person, why you have to act like a stupid bitch, just because you can't control your jealousy, or just bec ur unhappy with your whole life..

maybe the person you hate so much, hates her own life too.. maybe she isn't living that perfect life you thought, maybe she's going through shit, and you keep hating on her because the boy you like think she's attractive or something - So what?

it's not her fault sweetheart..

I just hate fake.
fake people, fake conversations, fake smiles.. all kind of fake..

the worst feeling someone can get is fake caring..
when someone gives you such a good feeling, but in reality they don't fuck with you at all..

just learn to open your eyes, don't give to many details about you,.. and especially if you do not know anything about that person..
too many snacks are out there.. they will switch up every word you said and create new stories about you..

keep your eyes open and don't trust everyone who seems nice to you..

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