Hey guys! I've really been enjoying writing everyday for this challenge. Thanks to @TypicalGirl48 for creating it. I'll link her original challenge for you guys to check out.

Day 8 - What are five passions you have?

Dancing 💃🏻

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I don't do it professionally, but I do love it. I dance when I'm alone to the music I like & I dance at parties. Dancing puts me in a great mood.

Music 🎼

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I love listening to music. Depending on the genre I'm listening to, I'll either dance, sing along, or just enjoy peacefully. I also wish I knew how to play instruments, that way I would be able to express myself, or play a song that I like.

Coloring 🖍

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I really love coloring. It's a stress reliever for me. When I color I'm completely focused on that. I take my coloring very seriously, it's the only time I'm actually a perfectionist.

Baking 🍰

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I don't know how to bake many things but I'm learning & really enjoy baking the few things I know how to bake.

Well that was all for today. I know the question asks for 5 passions, but I'm a boring person that doesn't do much. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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