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"If I were a".

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city, paris, and building image coffee image
the white season where leaves fall out, misty, foggy & cold; hot chocolate and warm blanket vibes.


Temporarily removed sky, clouds, and blue image ocean, beach, and sea image girl, summer, and beach image
where the sun touches the sand, the most beautiful place we've been gifted and happiness comes in waves ;)


love, couple, and rain image travel, friendship, and photography image Image removed travel, couple, and nature image girl, travel, and road image friends, night, and fire image
live for the moments you can't put into words.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It rain, city, and autumn image
I like to know that the sky cries too.


coffee, food, and drink image blue, cotton candy, and tea image
bcuz I'm extra;)


fashion, style, and girl image fashion, style, and pink image

series character

Temporarily removed karma, quote, and ronnie image
Blair Waldorf and Veronica Lodge xx

time of the day

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
sunsets and nights


Devil, me, and storm image Copyrighted image quotes, words, and text image quotes, love, and boy image
too many to choose from:p


rose, fire, and flowers image fire and wallpaper image
because fire is beautiful and I to like burn things or people into ashes unknowingly.


Temporarily removed girl, fashion, and style image girl, fashion, and camera image city, light, and travel image
traveling and photography are everything♡


cactus, plants, and green image Temporarily removed
thorny anyway;)


dog and animal image animals, special, and awesome image Temporarily removed dog, animal, and cute image
Dogs are my spirit animal and so adorable. Koalas as I'm clingy af.


girl, black and white, and travel image makeup, beauty, and highlighter image rose, flowers, and gold image Temporarily removed

rose gold and black

↬ word

memories, people, and quotes image quotes, sad, and couple image
Thantophobia - the fear of losing someone you love.

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