Hey guys!

So, if you didn't know this, I am/was a Polyvorian! And I was very upset when SSense took over this immensely creative website.
I found this out when I was at home, going on Polyvore and nothing was showing up. Like, nothing in my activity even though I got a notification for something. Then I tried signing out and back in again. It wouldn't let me back on. This is when it hit me.
Polyvore was gone.
I went on the website and I got a pop-up that said 'Polyvore is now SSense'
My friends that were on that website, I couldn't talk to them anymore. My hard work was gone. (even though you can download your work until the deadline which is May 10 I think) That was how I shared myself, and it was gone WITHOUT a notice!
NO NOTICE! I could have still have everything in control if we got at least a day's notice! It was quite unprofessional in my opinion.
Well, if you read through my little rant type thing, good job! While you're at it, please sign this petition to see if we can bring it back! https://www.change.org/p/former-polyvore-users-creative-minds-bring-back-polyvore

Thanks my precious Cinnamon Rolls!