Hello Hearters!

I am so sorry because I am late of many days and I didn't find time to write articles. But I am here and I am going to write about a first time.
My first time is about my first driving lesson in the traffic (yeeeeeah).

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It is something that I did a few weeks ago and it was fucking exciting.
I did the first one in 20 minutes with a great first teacher: she is so kind. I was so scary but I drove around a building in the traffic with traffic lights, cars etc and it was pretty exciting and a success.
Then the teachers switched up and this one told me to go right in front of me and driving through a road that I usually do with my parents. It was crazy and I was pretty good.
I have no the license yet but I am going to do the exam next month and I am making huge progess. I am really proud of myself, I am doing something that other people usually do and I am good. It's something that rarely happen to me.
Today I did a new driving lesson with my dad and I realized to be less scared of other cars. It's great thing to me.
So, wish me good luck!

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- themermaidwriter.