holis, bellezas, it's cher...or blue...or mel, whichever you prefer ;).
i hope you're all having an awesome day and if you're not, i wish you the absolute best.
today's article is about places i want to visit. i will post some of the ones i wish to visit the most, since i want to visit a lot of places and i mean A LOT. so, enough with introductions, let's get to it.

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1. havana, cuba - i cannot die without visiting havana. i love cuba, its culture and its people, also, because of what the country has been through, they kinda got stuck in the the 20th century and the city is like a live museum.
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2. nashville, tennessee - thank you, hannah montana. you're the reason i got interested in tennessee in the first place.
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3. los angeles, california - LA, the city i've dreamt of visiting since i was a kid. i truly believe i will be able to visit it one day. tbh, i'm not even interested in it because it's home to most celebrities, i'm interested because it's truly beautiful.
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4. new orleans, louisiana - you can blame my interest in this city on the originals.
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5. montreal, quebec, canada - montreal is such an underrated city, i look forward to visiting its beautiful spots.
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6. phoenix, arizona - i'm not even a fan of the heat, but this place really has catched my attention over the years.
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7. waco, texas - you can blame fixer upper for my interest in this city as well.
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8. egypt - absolutely one of my favorite places EVER.
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9. switzerland - switzerland is out of this dang world and i MUST see it.
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10. charlotte, north carolina - felt in love with this city when i became a fan of the carolina panthers. now it is a goal of mine to visit this place before i die and watch a carolina panthers game as well.
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11. london, england - LONDON, my beautiful london. who doesn't want to visit this city? i don't care if locals say it rains a lot in the uk, i love rain.
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12. barcelona, spain - barcelona is absolutely one of the most beautiful cities i have ever seen...in pictures, of course. plus, i really wanna get to know the country that is somehow my country's mother.
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13. france - france is so beautiful fjwshaeh, i not only want to visit paris, i also want to visit any other towns or cities that france has to offer.
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14. mumbai, india - like i said, not a fan of heat, but i HAVE to visit india sometime, so i can see with my own eyes their people and their beautiful culture.
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15. seoul, south korea - ever since i became obsessed with kpop i've wanted to visit this city. i may not be obsessed anymore, but i certainly still want to visit this spectacular city.
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16. japan - japan seriously has some sick places to visit, i just fcbskjfgs. it's too beautiful.
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17. italy - okay, but if you don't want to visit italy, you're out of your mind (jk). this country has so much beauty and goodies to give.
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18. sweden - seriously, you can take me to any beautiful place in sweden and i will be alright.
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20. australia - whether it's melbourne, brisbane, lismore, sydney, adelaide, perth or gold coast, TAKE ME THERE.