• My family, but not only my parents and my sister, I mean all my family like cousins, grandparents, aunts...When I'm with my family I'm always happy cause I feel like im home and I never get bored cause they are all so funny.
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  • Music. When I'm in a bad mood I always play music and automatically I feel better, seriously music is a lifesaver for me.
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  • Friends. I have had very bad experiences with people that I considered my friends but the weren't. But now I have really good friends and I really like to spend time with them.
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  • Food. Food for me is a lifesaver, when I'm hungry I'm in a very bad mood but when I eat what I want I'm the sweetest person. I really love food.
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  • My dog. I love my dog and I consider my her a part of my family, dogs give to you all their love and are always there for you.
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  • Sunsets. I don't know why but sunsets make me happy, so I have to put it on this list.
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