improve emotional health
receiving flowers can give you an immediate mood boost.

aid in memory and concentration
keeping plants indoors can help with concentration and memory. plants oxygenate the air, boosting your brain cells and makes you feel your best.

feel better faster
there's a reason people give flowers to patients in hospitals. it´s a nice gesture, but it may also help a patient heal faster. hospitals usually include access to greenery for recovering patients because looking at plants daily can help those who are stressed feel more relaxed.

benefits of specific flowers


flowers, daisy, and bouquet image flowers, nature, and ocean image
soothes anxiety and headaches, aids sleep and digestion, and help relieve stomach cramps and indigestion


blossom, chrysanthemum, and floral image chrysanthemum image
used to treat dry eyes, fevers and headache; aids digestive, circulatory, and nervous system issues


Temporarily removed flora, flower, and flowers image
help enhance your immune system


bath, beautiful, and beauty image beach and ocean image
prevents hair loss, anti - inflammatory, helps with blood circulation, liver disorders, and constipation


Temporarily removed flowers, pink, and pretty image
has antiviral and antibiotic properties; used to treat colds, flu, and sore throats


flowers image flowers, purple, and aesthetic image
promotes a feeling of relaxation (can also be used to treat acne)


Temporarily removed magnolia and spring image
used to treat nasal congestion, and sinus headaches


rose, flowers, and pink image bouquet, flower, and flowers image
used as an anti - inflammatory and to treat coughs and colds


cla safflower oil image
used to treat blood clots, heart disease, joint pain, menstrual cramps, and flat warts


bouquet, tulip, and flower image Temporarily removed
help treat coughs and colds, reduce risk of cancer, and is used for sinus pain, hay fever, and headache


pansy, viola, and flower image flower, nature, and viola image
used as an anti - inflammatory and anti - pyretic (can also be used to treat snake bites)