but what do you do when the world rips your heart out
leaving you in suffering
so cruel, that feeling

having to change cause you don't feel like you fit in
so different, but yet the same as them

so many roads you've passed and you haven't found your way yet
feel like screaming, don't know where to follow

what can you do now that you've got no heart, no soul
the empathy is gone,
your eyes are blackened
the hole in your heart feels like it's dragging you down

first, you have to fall, so that you can rise
you gotta let go, of the pain of yesterday
remember it, use it to fight your way out of this hell
your head is not a prison cell, but it can be poisonous

have to pass this road, so you can finally be free
you haven't been destined to be the same as them,
you are black and white, but all the colors in between too.
and the way they show are your choice
so you have the power
now you know you have to use it for the better