Hello Wonder Women!
Today, I will show you, what I believe, are some of the coolest superpowers (I am hopefully gifted with them in alternative universes). But who says we can't have those superpowers here and now? Everything depends on how we perceive things, our courage and passion for dreaming. I challenge you guys to share your version of dream powers, put #SuperpowerChallenge in your article and be as creative as you wish!

Here we go:

Weather Control

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The sky is full of storm outside, I wonder what was on your mind?

Super Intuition

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Vibes don't lie.

Healing Power

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Be kind, it's gangster.

Underwater Breathing

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We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea.

Extreme Endurance

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i resist, therefore, I exist.


''We can change the world if we change ourselves. We just need to get hold of the old patterns of thinking and dealing with things and start listening to our inner voices and trusting our own superpowers.''
Nina Hagen
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<3 <3 <3