This year I'm craving to travel more than ever! After hours of watching travel videos and vlogs on youtube I selected my top three destinations of 2018. These are the places I really wanna visit before the year ends.

1. Greece

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I think that the ocean is majestic and beautiful so I love being around it. I have visited the Mediterranean many times and it is perfect in the summer but I have never seen how it is in Greece. I wanna see the beaches and see if the water it clearer. From pictures I have fallen in love with their architecture and it is so different from the rest of Europe.

2. Norway

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Look at this beautiful nature!! I wanna go and climb mountains, row on a lake, watch the Northern-Lights and just fall in love with all of it. I think the pictures say it all.

3. Prague

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Prague got a lot to offer, everything from cheap and amazing food to beautiful and stunning architecture. It feels like the perfect weekend getaway to do with a friend, family member och partner.