Day 2: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

I have to take time on this one. There are so many people in my life and so many stories to talk about... I guess I will try to think about a really good one, but I guess I will write the one that will appear in my head fastest. So here it goes:

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"You really know yourself":

So the story behind this sentence... I think a lot of people told me that kind of words. For example:
My friends - I always come up to them if I have any problems or something like that for advice or just for listening. Well, I start frtom telling all the story and then I end up giving myself the advice and explaining all the situatuation and what should I do next. And then a lot of the times my friends just look at me in shook and just adds: "yes, go do the exact thing you just said." It's kind of funny, you know... Sometimes I think we all need to adress our problems loud and we can find the right decision by ourselves. I do not say that I take my advice for granted or I use it all the time. Sometimes I just do nothing and hope for the best! That's what life is all about ;)

Also my family - they really point out that I have my own style, I do stuff in my own way and I act like I really know myself. I mean I sound so indipendent and smart right now, but trust me, a lot of the times I feel lost and I am in a completely hole. But I mean I have been living with myself for 18 years now and getting to know yourself is the hardest thing in the entire world and I haven't figure myself out completely yet. And I am not sure if I ever will be. I mean you just get used to the fact how your body, mind responds to a certain situations... :)

So as I was saying it's sounds really pleasing to be told the words * you know yourself. Yeah, I get myself, but I am in a constant search and I have a lot of quesations to myself. But it's okay! We have the entire lifetime to get to know ourselves. Even tho we could never truly get ourselves, what's matter the most is that we try and that we gain comfortability and understanding with ourselves.

Okay, now I am just reapeating the same thing over and over again. :D
I hope you liked the artickle! I had a pleasure to write it down to you.<3

Lots of love, be happy <3