how can it be this hard to feel utter incapability?
to feel like the world is against you even when it's not.
when you feel like you have lost your strings and your puppetry is unmastered; a sort of backward dilemma.
How can I see clearly again when all my vision is blurred to the point of utter mental blindness?
and how can I tell myself that it's going to be okay when all I do is draw frowns on my loved ones?
How can I prove myself to be worthy when my genuineness has lost essence?
How can I smile with sincerity, belief and with true contentment at heart? How can I love like a butterfly after metamorphosis crawling out of its cocoon in all expression?
How can I verbalize my thoughts in a prison of fear and judgement?
How can I gain strength in a world of messes and weaknesses?
I forgot how it feels to not shake and shiver at the thought of expression; I forgot how it feels like to be confident, to be happy and to be my uncensored self. I forgot how to be me.
How can I be the girl I was when I was happy?