Hey guys,
This is my first article and I thought imma start with an article about me, so u can know me better.
So let's go...


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I don't really have a style but everything I wear needs to be comfortable.


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I often have braids and I already had many different colors. I also wear my hair natrual but that's a lot of work especially in the morning (the black girls gonna understand what I mean).


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I literally only listen to Rap/Hip-Hop and R&B. My favorite artist and idol is Drake but I also listen to Quavo, Travis Scott, SZA...


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My favorite colors are purple, grey, bordeaux and rose gold.


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I don't really care if you like me or not.


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I don't think I need to say anything to that.


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I watch American Horror Story, Rick and Morty (best show ever), Once Upon a Time and 13 Reasons Why.

I hope you guys liked my article and you know me better now.
Write me if you would like to talk.