Hey people of the Internet.  I have started doing my long overdue Movie Reviews (Whoop).  So my first one is going to be A Long Walk To Remember! so here goes 

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It lasted forever and it ended so soon A walk to remember

So I watched this movie like two weeks ago ( sorry not sorry lol I had school and exams). This is a 2002 movie, and as you know I'm quite a huge fan of that era so I still don't understand why I hadn't watch it a long time ago. This is probably one of the best coming of age movies I have ever seen and all I can say is, It was pretty beautiful. I am a hopeless romantic so this movie hit me hard. It was your typical bad boy meets good girl movie, where he changes because of her. I know we're all tired of those cliche love story, so when I started watching it I was a bit critical. I hadn't watched the trailer ( I never do because it sort of spoils the experience of the movie because as we know trailers always show the good parts of the movie), but a friend of mine had begged me to watch it telling me that I'd cry and I was up for the challenge, because I rarely cry in movies. 

So Landon ( must I add,  was hot), gets into trouble after his friend almost drowns in a restricted area. He's given an ultimatum,  he has to participate in a school play or he gets expelled and as expected he gets into the school play. That's where he meets Jamie, like actually talk to her ,and like all typical 'cool' people, he was embarrassed to be seen  interacting with her so he'd go to her house so they'd practise going over his lines. Well I won't dwell much on what happens after that, but one thing that I didn't like was the time lapse. The time moved too quickly. I know it was for the sake of the movie, to cut out some unnecessary scenes but I feel like they should have been more scenes to show us Jamie and Landon's characters separately. I wanted to know more about Jamie's character, like her life with cancer or about her mother. The movie did show Landon's character more than Jamie's so when they got to liking each other and dating, It kind of caught me off guard.    

But nevertheless, It's every girls dream to get someone who is willing to change their ways. just so they can keep you in their life. I found this really adorable. Not everyone is willing to do that these days. It also showed that Landon was considerate and cared for other people way more than he let on in the first 30 minutes of the movie. I loved how he always tried to show her he was trying even when she wasn't giving attention. This was so cute and one of my favorite scenes was when he was building the telescope for her since she couldn't go to the graveyard. It was so beautiful and I got quite teary-eyed. 

But like all good things, it came to an end, I cried when they narrated what happened after the wedding. I knew it was going to happen but I just thought it wouldn't end like that. I wanted it to be like a fairy-tale ending where the evil witch is cast away and they live happily ever after but it didn't. And I wasn't  quite happy with that. I vow I cried so much, I started questioning everything about my life. I'd say this was a pretty good movie. It's a solid 6. I enjoyed most parts of it.

And that is the end of my blabber. What did YOU think of it?  

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